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Tourism User Case 3

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Park Manager Gauges Visits to the Park during the Independence Day Holiday

The park manager of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in northwestern Michigan wants to get an indication as to how many people might visit the park during the Independence Day holiday (July 3rd through July 5th) this year, in order to prepare for daily staffing decisions.

In this case, the Historical Weather Tool would be useful.

  1. The manager reviews the historical weather data during those days (7/3-7/5) in the years 1985 through 2005 by clicking "Maple City" on the map and selecting "Range of days for multiple years." Based on a comparison of daily visitor counts and historical weather data, including minimum temperature, maximum temperature, precipitation, and heat index, the manger may be able to get an idea for the range in number of visitors for those three days.
screenshot of the Historical Weather Tool's input page
  1. He/she could then use this information as a factor in the decision as to how many park staff employees should be scheduled to work during the upcoming Independence Day holiday period.
Screenshot of the Historical Weather Tool's result page

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