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The overarching purpose of the Pileus Project is to provide useful climate information to assist decision makers. The current focus is on two leading industries in the Great Lakes region: agriculture and tourism.


  • Provide a better understanding of historical climate trends, variability, and their past impacts on people and industry
  • Evaluate how future climate trends and variability may impact people and industry, using newly developed, climate-related models
  • Create an economic framework, which explicitly incorporates climate into the decision making process

People involved

Stakeholders and researchers from the Pileus Project are building on each other’s experiences, pooling expertise, and expanding knowledge about climate impacts on industry. The core research team is located at Michigan State University (MSU) and consists of scientists from diverse disciplines.



Banner: Climate Change Work at MSU: Click here to view related faculty, projects, courses, events, and more.

"Potential Impacts of Climate Variability and Change on Water Quantity and Quality in the Great Lakes Region" symposium was held in April at MSU to to identify major climate change-related issues and concerns, which can be used to direct future research efforts. Order a DVD and view all the presentations, including Q & A sessions.

Video: Tart Cherry Industry and Climate

View video introducing some of the work being done through the tart cherry industry and the Pileus Project.

What is a Pileus?

pileus cloud

Pileus Project was named after the the pileus cloud, which appears as a cap at the top of the cumulonimbus cloud. The name was chosen to symbolize the "capstone" or overarching nature of the project.


Climate Quiz

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Test your knowledge about climate in the Great Lakes region. Take this Climate Quiz.