Historical Climate

quotation markWhat are some notable climate trends in the Great Lakes region and how has past climate impacted regional agriculture and tourism?quotation mark

This key question was the original impetus for our historical climate research. This section provides you with a look atá past climate in Great Lakes region.

Historical Climate Trends

A climate trend graph

Explore some climate trends in the Great Lakes region.
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Historical Weather Tool

Thumbnail image of the Historical Weather Tool

Use this tool access historical weather data.
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User Cases

Learn about how the historical climate and the tool can be used in industires and research. Go to the user cases list

Future Climate

quotation markHow might the climate of the Great Lakes region change in the future and what are the implications for agriculture and tourism?quotation mark

To address this question, climate scenarios were developed at local spatial and daily temporal scales. These scenarios describe future potential climate conditions.

General Approach

In order to provide an initial estimate of the uncertainty surrounding the climate scenarios, an ensemble (or suite) of scenarios was developedů Read more

Future Scenarios Tool

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View climate scenarios for 15 locations in Great Lakes region.
Climate parameters
Technical details on methodology
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User Cases

View these examples of how the Future Scenarios Tool can be used to explore the possible impacts of future climate change.
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