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Download Data as an Excel File

  1. Select your options on the input page of the Historical Weather Tool. Upon pressing the "View Result" button, the requested information will be displayed on a on a Web page.
  2. There should be a button on the page that says "Save as Spreadsheet".
  1. In your browser (Example: Internet Explorer for PC), click on "File" from the top menu and select "Save as..."
  2. Choose the place where you would like to save the file (Example: on the desktop.)
  3. The default name for your saved file will be "climate_history_for_excel.htm".
  1. In Excel, click on "File" on the top menu and select "open".
  2. Choose your file. Unless you renamed the file, it will be called "climate_history_for_excel.htm".
  3. This file will open in Excel and can be used for further analysis.