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Learn about Historical Weather Tool

What is this tool for?

The Historical Weather Tool enables you to access over 40 years of daily weather data by selecting several climate variables for a time period of your choice. See tool highlights in the column on the right.



Download data in EXCEL format for further analysis

The download data in EXCEL format option makes it possible to analyze data outside of the tool. Custom selected data can be saved in EXCEL format and used to build graphs in a spreadsheet program. View demo

For More Information

  • Refer to the Climate section for more information on the historical climate of Michigan and the tool development.
  • View the User Cases for examples on how to use this tool.


  • Over 40 years (1960-2002) of daily observations
  • Seven climate variables:
    • Maximum temperature
    • Minimum temperature
    • Daily average temperature
    • Liquid-equivalent precipitation
    • Frozen precipitation
    • Heat Index
    • Wind chill
  • 18 stations in the Great Lakes region
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