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Learn about Future Scenarios Tool

What is this tool for?

The tool can be used to evaluate how climate of the Great Lakes region may change in the future and how those changes may impact to agriculture and tourism sectors.



Audio-Visual Learning Modules

Audio-visual learning modules are built into the tool to assist users in interpreting the scenarios and understanding the uncertainty surrounding the future scenarios. There are separate modules for each of the four primary graphical displays.

Audio-Visual Learning Modules are available for:


For More Information

  • Learn more about future climate and the Future Scenarios Tool, go to the Climate section.
  • See examples of how to use the tool, check out the User Cases page.


  • Simulations from four GCM models and two greenhouse emission scenarios were downscaled for 15 locations
  • View how stakeholder-relevant indices (such as date of last spring frost) might change under future climate conditions
  • Explore the range of uncertainty associated with this type of science research
  • Graphs for the future climate scenarios can be viewed for early, mid and late century periods, including trends over the next 100 years
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