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Learn about SkiTool


What is this tool for?

The SkiTool enables you to investigate the likely effects of assorted snowmaking strategies for various winter temperature conditions in different locations of Michigan.


Analyze the upcoming winter season

Snowmaking inputs and outputs allow a user to examine how different strategies will impact snow depth, length of ski season, and business revenue for their ski resort.

For more information

  • Refer to the Tourism section for more information on downhill skiing and snow making
  • View User Cases page for examples of how to use the tool.


  • Examine snow conditions for historical periods and future climate scenarios.
  • Nine ski-relevant variables
    • Annual snowfall
    • One-inch snow days
    • Two-inch snow days
    • Five-inch snow days
    • First day of snow
    • Last day of snowcover
    • Maximum snowdepth
    • Snowmaking days
    • Machine made snow
  • 18 stations in the Great Lakes region
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